Monday, 9 May 2016

Pub in the bush - Nindigully, Queensland

We had heard about and seen on TV a pub that is in the outback and makes a huge - I mean, REALLY HUGE - hamburger. As we were driving along the Barwon Highway we saw signs advertising the pub so thought we would make a detour south on the Carnavon Highway to see it. We were not disappointed.
It was too early for a beer, so Peter got a coffee from the bar and sat on the verandah,  while I went for a walk along the Gully Trail.

The Gully Trail is a concrete pathway along the Moonie River,  that has information signs talking about the early history of the area to more recent history of filming in the area. The movie Paperback Hero starring Hugh Jackman and Claudia Karvan was filmed here.

It had rained the afternoon before, so the ground was muddy. There is plenty of free camps along the river, and the pub has rooms for overnight. Toilets and showers are available at the pub.

Nindigully is in the Shire of Bayonne and the pub is believed to be Queensland oldest continually licensed pub. It was built in 1864, and is approximately 515 kms south west of Brisbane. It was a Cobb and Co coach stop. One of the information boards told of a Cobb and Co coach leaving Thallon, some 35 km away, at 4pm in the rain. It arrived at Ningingully at 2am where the men slept on the verandah of the pub before leaving at 7am the next morning to continue to St George.
The pub is still mostly in original condition and filled with quirky memorabilia,  such as sayings, signs, and money on the ceiling.

The town in times past boasted of a not only a pub, but also a school, post office, general store, town hall and many dwellings. Only a few are left now. The old general store still stands, but is boarded up.

The pub is famous for its huge burger, which weighs 5.5 kilos and feeds 2-6 people, at a cost of $60. 

We will definitely stay here 2 or 3 nights next time we are travelling this way. We will happily go to happy hour each day ($3.50 pots), and have at least one meal - maybe not the huge hamburger! 

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  1. Must be school holidays for you to be getting away in the van?
    $60 for a burger? You would want it huge that that price.