Saturday, 29 August 2015

Seattle Space Needle

I'm jumping back to our visit to Seattle. We all really enjoyed the city, and came prepared for rain - that never eventuated.
This post is about the Space Needle.
Any visit should start at the Seattle Space Needle web page.
The first page of the website is informative and interesting for all ages. I certainly didn't expect what I saw.
The webpage tells one all one needs to know, so this blog is about the apps. Many tourists do not worry about apps for places they visit, and I must admit some apps are simply ads for the venue.

We got the Space Needle App, but there is another one also, and both are free. Here are some of the photos we took using the app.
One needs to aim their camera/devise at SpaceSpot circles placed around the Space Needle - inside and out, and an image is displayed on your camera/devise.
Such fun.

Let your memory be your travel bag.  
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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