Sunday, 7 August 2016

Taroom Queensland

We stopped at Taroom for morning tea, well Peter wanted a coffee. It is a lovely little town, and now is on our list for an over-nighter. After driving through the town and not finding the Leichhardt Tree, we drove back and stopped at the Info Centre to ask where it was - well, it was 'just down the street' and well sign posted!! Guess Peter may have been driving too fast for me to see it LOL.
Taroom is on the Dawson River and in 1844 Prussian born explorer, Ludwig Leichhardt set out from Jimbour Station on the Darling Downs heading to the northern coast. There was no Queensland then, nor Northern Territory, and the trek took 14 months. He followed the Dawson River and was the first to discover the Taroom area. Leichhardt carved his initials 'LL 1844' into the Coolabah tree. This tree is now stands in the main street of Taroom and has an audio history of the expedition - must drive the local shop keepers crazy!!
Early settlers came from the Hunter Region of NSW, so I must check to see if any of my ancestors came to this region. The area is a quality beef and grain producing area. After walking up and down the main street, and Peter getting his coffee (7/10), we headed to Theodore to decide if we would stay or keep going to Moura.

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