Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dawson River near Moura

10 kms west of Moura is a large overnight rest stop, that we stayed at last trip, but only for one night. This trip we stayed for two. It is a lovely spot with lots of shade and right on the Dawson River. We arrived about 3pm and it was already pretty full. Nevertheless, we found a spot that wasn't too bad and set up. The river has loads of fish and red claw, and local farmers will leave bags of fruit for the travellers. This time there were juicy mandarins - that were hard to peel, but nice.
The next morning and the big exodus, saw us moving to another site closer to the river. Peter was happy that a coffee van visits each morning, so were the other campers.
 The fruit trees that had been planted along the terrace had no fruit this time, so I may need to buy some limes for my scotch.
A lovely spot, we will make this a permanent stopover.

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