Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Clifton Queensland

We are doing a short three week trip to visit the Warwick Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival. We often stay 2-3 days in Warwick, or drive through Warwick and stay overnight on our caravan trips. Last trip we started at Lake Leslie near Warwick with friends, and did a few day trips. One of those trips we discovered Clifton. Other friends had told us about Clifton and camping at the recreation grounds, and as we drove up the road towards the grounds, people were waving hi to us. Made us think this was a friendly town, and it is. The Recreation Grounds include a racecourse, footie field, inside courts, and polo field. We camped beside the polo fields, and paid $10 a night for power and water. There were a few other vans when we arrived.
Clifton is a small town on the Darling Downs in South East Queensland. It is halfway between Warwick and Toowoomba, just off the New England Highway. The area is predominately dairy and crops such as sunflowers, wheat and oats.
The area was first settled by squatters Joseph King and Charles Sibley in 1840 and Clifton Station, a cattle farm, was established soon after. It is believed Clifton Station was named after the town Clifton in Westmoreland, England where one of the earlier settler lived. The Post Office was established in 1869 when the area was known as Kings Creek. As more settlers came to the area, the village was renamed Clifton in 1875.
The tourist information centre is located in the old railway station, established 1869, and was our first stop on the second day. A lovely lady, Maureen, was so helpful and gave us a lot of local history and ideas of what to do in the area. Maureen gave us a a great brochure - Clifton Heritage Walk.
This house is at the entrance to the Recreation Grounds and was built c1897. It was once the police sergeant's home, and was relocated to this site in 1982.
It is now the Recreation Grounds Caretakers home.
This beautiful home is 'Aldershot' and was originally a Private Hospital. It is now a private home.
This workers cottage c1898, was the home of the Muir Family.
The local newspaper here is 'The Clifton Courier'. It was established in 1906 and still houses the original printing equipment. It is across the road from the info centre.
Clifton had at least 6 hotels at the height of its growth. Today only 3 remain. The Clifton Arms Hotel was constructed in 1875, with the second level added in 1880. It was the first building in town to have power connected.
In 2006 Clifton achieved a Guiness World Record for the longest road train.
The town has been featured in many Australian movies, including 'The Thornbirds'.
Historical Society is located in the old Butter Factory.
Clifton is a lovely town, and we will come back in warmer months to see the sunflowers bloom.

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