Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Post Cruise - one more day in Seattle

We arrived back in the Port of Seattle at 6am. We started to disembarked about 9am and contacted the shuttle bus and went back to the Travelodge Seattle Centre. We knew we couldn't check-in that early, but had planned to leave oacrur bags at the hotel and go to the Science Centre, and then we had booked the Boeing Factory for the afternoon for Peter and Jon.
We walked up to the Seattle Centre, and came across this protest march for the workers at the Seattle Centre.
 Across the road from the Space Needle was a Macca's. Let me tell you that this Macca's has to be the worst Macca's I have ever come across. The manager was rude to customers, and he didn't need to be. Luckily there were many other eating places within a couple of blocks, some not as inexpensive as Macca's, just takes a little longer to wait. Not a big problem, especially when the staff are much friendlier.
 We walked back past the Chihuly Garden and Glass. 
These glass flowers actually make a sound when you walk past them. 
It was really cool.
We arrived at the Pacific Science Center and worked out what we were going to do in the time we had. It is located in the Seattle Centre and is built on six acres of land, including two Imax Theatres. It is geared towards children, however we had a great time. Jonnie really enjoyed it. It had a lot of exhibits that we have seen in Brisbane. We needed to book ahead for the Imax Movie, to avoid waiting.
 These are some of the exhibits.

 We then walked back to the EMP for Peter and Jon to catch thhe bus to the Boeing Factory. There are no photos, as one is not allowed to take photos there. They said it was good, but the tour was a little short, and they didn't get to visit the Visitors Center which is apparently really good. They recommend that one hire a car for the day and do it yourself.
 This is our second room at the Travelodge. It was much smaller than the first, and had no fridge or microwave.
 A couple of blocks from the hotel is Tilikum Place – the word Tilikum means ‘welcome’ or ‘greetings’ in the Chinook language. 
There are restraurants and cafes there worth visiting. 
There is a life size statue of Chief Seattle in the park that was unveiled in 1912. The statue is a symbolic one to greet to first settlers who landed at Alki Point in 1851.

To travel is to live. 
Hans Christian Andersen  

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