Saturday, 30 May 2015

Our Next Adventure

Whenever we plan a holiday, or arrive in a new place, I like to take time to read about every detail so time won’t be wasted looking for things, or time wasted once there ‘reading’.
This trip has been 5 years in the planning, and although we used a travel agent for part of it - due to me being time poor, working - I have still spent hours and hours researching each place, and each mode of transport, each hotel, each activity, where to eat ....... and you know what? I like doing it. It’s our holiday and I want it to be the best holiday. I want to know the history of each place. I want to know what makes different places what they are. For me it’s part of the fun of travelling. So here are some of my travel planning tips:-

Places to visit are the easiest to choose. Our last overseas trip – 5 years ago – was to see the autumn leaves in the north-east of North America, and that we did via Disneyland for Jonnie and Heartbreak Hotel, Memphis for Peter. We had the most wonderful time and we would go back to exactly the same places again if we could. This trip was to be a spring trip, but that didn’t fit in with my work commitments, so we are going in summer, not ideal - more crowds and more expensive – but it is what it is. Spring west coast North America turned into Summer west coast North America.

First thing I do is look at a Google Map of the place. I look at all the choices of accommodation. Price is important, especially when on a budget.