Monday, 20 April 2015

Petrie Historical Village

In our family we all like Citroen's, and when the Citroen Club of Queensland was celebrating their 60th anniversary of Citroen at the historical village, we had to go. 

On Sunday's there is a craft market, and a lot of the village shops are open. We arrived just after 11am and there were many families walking around and eating in the different venues. We left just after 2pm, as shops and stalls were starting to pack up, and there were not many people left. 

  Petrie Historical Village, or Old Petrie Town is located on Dayboro Road at Kurwongbah. The village consists of many historical buildings from the area, that have been placed to make a little village. There is also a museum with interactive activities and video. This museum was the original farm workers cottage on the Petrie Homestead, built in the late 1880s. 
Visiting the Steam museum.

The Fire Museum
...and a ride in the fire truck!

We had lunch at The Emporium Milk Bar.

We had 3 milkshakes, a latte and a box of chips. My chocolate milkshake was not that chocolaty, so a 2/10. Coops strawberry one was very strong.  The chips were beautiful. 

After lunch we went to the vege stall and got some fresh beans.

We had a lovely afternoon out and will be doing it again soon - but not the chocolate milkshake!!

Country Markets every Saturday
Craft Markets every Sunday
Emporium Cafe 'Rock 'n Roll' every Friday night when classic and hot rod cars take pride of place.


Explore, Dream, Discover ~ Mark Twain


  1. That looked like a fun day out!We are currently in the last week of our 4 week caravan holiday. Now at Rotorua, a place full of the smell of sulphur, hot pools and bubbling mud!

    1. That would be fun also Jenny. Very interesting place Rotorua.