Wednesday, 14 March 2018

2018 Road Trip 2 Week One

On the road again, our second road trip for 2018 saw us heading south to visit family and then to see where the road takes us. First stop was Billinudgal, and the patrons only camp out the back of the pub. It was pleasing to see that the area was not as crowded and certainly not as much little 'campers litter' (squashed cans, cigarette butts, little wrappers etc.). We checked with the bar staff before parking, and were advised it is now only for 55's and over. Makes a big difference. We had a wonderful dinner, way too much food, so it did us for lunch the next day as well.
Day 2 we had planned to stay around Coffs Harbour, however Peter decided to keep going. We did stop at Sawtell for lunch, with an ocean view,
and ended up at Coopernook behind the hotel, in our usual spot. This is also a patrons only camp. Peter and Jonnie had a few drinks, well Jonnie had a lemonade, and Peter had a few beers.
Next stop and day 3 was Tea Gardens Country Club. We joined the club January 2017 as social members and this gives us two nights with power in their car park. We used it twice last year, so renewed our membership again for this year. Really good value, and the people at the club are great and so is the food. It is a shame that some people take advantage of the rules. One of the rules is to be fully self-contained and not to let any water run onto the car park. The van next to us, not only allowed their grey water to run freely on the car park, but actually ran their washing machine, so soapy grey water. Sadly this why some places are stopping over night self-contained travellers. Anyway, we unhitched and went for drive around Hawks Nest as Jonnie has never been here.
We had not planned to stay in Sydney, so decided to drive straight through the middle, which was surprisingly easy this trip. We got to where we had planned to stay and decided to keep going to Kioloa. We did stop for lunch at Sublime Lookout, which was absolutely sublime!
At Kioloa we stayed four nights with my Auntie. We had a morning trip to Ulladulla for grocery shopping, and on the way home we had a drive around Willinga Park at Bawley Point. There was an event on the weekend, but they let us in to have a look around, and it is beautiful. The park is all about horses, and appears to be growing all the time. 
Kioloa is a place we have been to many times over the years, I think our first visit was 1991, when we were living in the Australian Capital Territory. Kioloa is on the south coast of New South Wales and has heaps of kangaroos. Kangaroos are considered a pest there as they eat gardens and break fences, but we loved seeing them as they as they are a novelty to us. There are so many kangaroos in this area at all times of the day. There are aboriginal middens at Racecourse Beach and evidence of axe and spear grindings at Pretty Beach. We visited 'Poppy's Rock' where my uncle would go to fish, just so pretty. We had a lovely visit with my Auntie, and I enjoyed sitting in her sewing room sewing together. We look forward to the next visit. This is my drinking view from Auntie Margaret's verandah.
Let the adventure continue.....

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  1. I do enjoy your holiday photos, so nice to see snapshots of Australia. We have the same rules here about not releasing grey water over the ground, and sadly some people just ignore it.