Saturday, 13 January 2018

Sad, but all good cruises come to an end....

Days 13 and 14, were sea days, and I like sea days. I've already talked about the daytime activities, the quizzes, napkin and towel folding, the music. On sea days there are more activities to help pass the time. On Radiance of the Seas, there are a lot of inside seating, especially with a view outside. It was lovely sitting looking at the ocean pass by. I did miss this on the previous RCI Voyager Class cruises. I'm not sure why I have two 'day 13' - not to worry.
Lifts were not as bad as other RCI ships, although we did do a couple of 'going down to go up' rides. Also, we did a riding the lifts one evening when there was entertainment in the Centrum and passengers were standing two to three deep trying to see. We had a perfect view for about 15 minutes, before decided to go to the Champagne Bar. A negative, when getting off the lifts on Deck 11 to go to Windjammer or the pool, one was hit the smell of cigarette smoke. There was a similar, but not so powerful smell walking into dinner on Deck 5. Maybe the smoking areas should be restricted to areas away from the doors. There was also a lack of activities around the pool area.
Evening shows at the Aurora were pretty good. Some we had already seen, but were happy to go again. There was a lot of on-board entertainment in the evening, mostly in the Centrum. One needed to be there early to see the entertainment. We mostly sat in the Champagne Bar and just listened. There was room for the ship to have more seating overlooking the Centrum, but only the Cafe Lattitudes on deck 5 had seats overlooking the Centrum entertainment. Some evenings passengers pulled lounges over to the glass walls to see what was happening. Day 14 I got to the Cafe two hours before the scheduled dance I wanted to see, just to get a seat, and even then I had to wait for people to leave. It's a shame that more seating isn't provided on each deck overlooking Centrum, as most of the Centrum entertainment was very good.
There are a lot of bars on the ship. My favourites are all on deck 6. In fact, many of my favourite places are on deck 6. I told Jonnie, if you can't find me I'll be on deck 6 or around the adults pool on deck 11. The Champagne Bar made the best sparkling mojitos and chocolate martinis and Peter and I would go there each evening after the show to have a drink or two and watch the entertaining bar staff. We frequented the Colony Club for adult karaoke – just to watch, and the game show The Quest, so funny. Trivia quizzes were also held in the Colony Club and the Schooner Bar. The Schooner Bar always had music late at night, and the Schooner Bar was were we did the napkin folding.
The staff were very attentive and we were looked after very well. Just a shame the RCI booking process is not effective and booking staff are not totally honest. It is like they don't care, and maybe they don't.
Day 15 we arrived in Sydney early morning. Sydney Harbour is always spectacular and we never grow tired of seeing it.
Would we go again? I'd have to say yes, of course we will definitely go on other cruises - we love cruising - if the price is right and the timing good. Would we go on Royal Caribbean again? Yes, but maybe not book through RCI. 
Radiance of the Seas is a beautiful ship, and we do want to try Ovation of the Seas.
Happy Cruising.

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