Friday, 28 April 2017

Cruise Ship Destination: Noumea, New Caledonia

Day 10: In Noumea we docked at a container wharf and a free shuttle bus was provided to take passengers into the city. There is no walking around the container terminal. I don't like Noumea, so I never get off the ship when we dock here.
I enjoy the ship life!

Many tours are offered by the cruise ship and on a previous occasion we did do a city tour, which was interesting, and I would recommend it to those visiting for the first time. As I do not get off the ship in Noumea, most of this information is from those who did get off the ship. Local operators offer tours, including the Tcou Tcou hop on hop off tour. Lemon Beach is good for swimming and a $15AUS return boat ride to Duck Island is good for snorkeling. Be aware that everything, I mean really everything cost money. Don't throw your towel on a chair, it will cost you money. There is no shade there, but you can hire an umbrella.
 Noumea is expensive. Coffee and cake cost about $20AUS. 
$20AUS=1600Pacific Francs when we visited in March 2017. There is a free wifi spot at the end of the park in the centre of the city, close to where the free shuttle bus drops passengers off.
In my opinion, Noumea is not tourist friendly. The free shuttle drops one off near the tourist information centre, in which little English is spoken, so it is difficult to get information. I know it is a French port, but one would think that at the information centre there would be at least person who spoke English, especially when an English speaking ship comes in.
 Also be aware of pick-pockets, especially around the information centre, cafes and park. Noumea is not tourist friendly, it is expensive, the French there are unfriendly, bordering on rude, they are unhelpful. The French Polynesians, on the other hand, are the opposite.
Much better staying on board.
My drinking view, while other passengers were lining up to disembark and queue for the shuttle bus. Lovely to sit in peace and quiet.
My drinking view later in the afternoon as passengers are beginning to come aboard, and we hear stories of pick-pockets and over priced goods.
The last few days were spent at sea enjoying the activities of the Voyager of the Seas.
Here are the boys 'dabbing' while Marg and I visit the Next Cruise office.
We found one does not get any special deals if booking the next cruise on the ship, other than low or no deposit - not a biggy for us, so we didn't book on board. We keep an eye out for specials and book when the deal is good.

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