Friday, 3 February 2017

Chaffey Dam N.S.W.

Chaffey Dam is located on the Peel River about 40km south of Tamworth, so we didn't travel very far for our next stop. We decided to travel a little way with friends we caught up with in Tamworth. It was so good to catch up, and it was like we hadn't been apart.
This is the main water supply for Tamworth, and is also used for irrigation. It appears that an extension to the dam wall has raised the level of the dam. This would explain why the water level looks high, and why some trees are now half under water.
In Queensland it is hard to find a sandwich filling called devon. It is a little like Qld luncheon, but not the same. N.S.W. has devon 🍔, so I had to buy some.
The dam is named after father, Frank, and son, Bill Chaffey, Tamworth members who served in the NSW Legislative Assembly. A proposal for the dam was suggested in 1914, but it wasn't until 1976 that construction started.
We had the most spectacular sunset, but then, aren't all sunsets spectacular.
The campground costs $5 a night and showers are $1. We are self contained, so had our showers FREE in the van 😊. The main amenities block was good. There are quiet a few trees for shade and a lot of grass. There were a lot of campers fishing and 'standing' in the water - we had temperatures of over 35 degrees each day.
After the first night, the boys decided we needed to move to get TV and internet reception - not sure why, they were probably trying to please us girls. So we moved away from the water and up the hill closer to the amenities block.
We were there with old friends, and we met, for the first time, a facebook friend. So great to met you Pat, and we will surely catch up again one one of our travels.
On the down side was the poor internet and satellite reception - and phones were hit and miss. We needed to travel to Nundle 'down the road' to get internet to pay the bills.
Being in a different location the next night, the sunset was different.
With temperatures predicted to be above 40 degrees the next few days we decided to head for a powered site - and air-conditioning.

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