Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Nobby Queensland

Nobby is 10 kms north of Clifton, and is a old village with some old buildings. Our plan was to have a quiet day and visit Rudd's Pub for lunch. The origin of the name is unknown. The area was originally known as McDonald Camp, and later when the railway came through, 1868, as Davenport, but locals have always called it Nobby. The town was quite large, but after WWII, business started to decline. Rudd's Pub, named after local poet Steele Rudd - creator of Dad and Dave, and features many articles and recounts of Arthur Hoey Davis, known as Steele Rudd. The walls have many historic photos and antidotes.
The pub was built in 1893 and named the Davenporter. The name was changed to Rudd's Pub in the 1980's in recognition of the author Steele Rudd. The food was great and across the road is free camping, or $3 a night if power is needed.
The cemetery is the resting place for Sister Kenny. Sister Elizabeth Kenny grew up in the area and was influential in the treatment of polio victims. She persuaded doctors to change the way patients were treated, and rather than having them rest, she saw the wisdom of exercise to overcome the effects of polio. Sister Kenny St has many old buildings.

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