Monday, 6 June 2016

On the backs of the Jordan River ....

After picking up groceries and liquid supplies we headed east along the Capricorn Highway for about an hour to the town of Jericho.
Jericho's history dates back to 1885 and was established because of the railway. The river was named after pioneer Harry Jordan and the town was named Jericho because of its Biblical sounding name linking with the Jordan River.
We went and had a look at the showground camping, and it looked quite good, but it was someway out of town, so we went to the free (donation) camping at Redbank Park on the banks of the Jordan River. There were already a lot of vans there, but we managed to find a 'sort of' level spot right on the river bank, with a fire pit. After trying a few different sites, we chose this one - not under branches that may fall; almost level site; with a view to the north for the satellite; and a view of the river.
Just look at the view from the bedroom.
After setting up and having an afternoon drink...
Peter went for a ride.
As the sun went down, so did the warmth, so Peter lit a fire.
We liked it so much we stayed another day. It was just so peaceful and beautiful, especially after travelling through so many places in drought.
We had a look around the town. It is only small. The railway station is now the information centre and houses a small museum. Although there are many places in the area named after Biblical people and places, the streets of Jericho are named after famous scientists - Pasteur, Edison, Darwin, Huxley, etc. There are many murals in the town, all painted by local residents.
Jericho boasts the smallest drive-in theatre in the Southern Hemisphere. It can fit 36 cars and operates once a month showing two first release movies. Jonnie had not seen a drive in speaker before, he knew it was a speaker and made sound, but I had to explain how it worked.
The boys even had a rest in the open air theatre seats at the back of the drive-in.
 The Crystal Trumpeters structure tells the story of how Joshua fought the battle of Jericho.
The Jericho Store is worth a visit. Good for takeaway food, not so much coffee - but the atmosphere is great. The owner/manager was full of interesting information and more. It is next to the Drive-in.
The Trumpeter is outside the old railway station and is made of barbed wire.
 I messaged Emma that we were at 'Jericho, on the Jordan River, south of Lake Galilee.'
She was quick to reply:
- watch the river doesn't part ways or a swarm of locusts comes after you
- look for Moses, he'll save you
And after we lit the fire - 'the burning bush'
- Is Dad getting the instructions to lead the campers to the Holy Land
She is so funny, but I was impressed she knew so much about the Bible.


  1. That looks a lovely camping spot. Do you need to worry about crocs?

    1. No crocs this far south, although, on the coast is a different matter. I wouldn't swim in the muddy water anyway. The days were hot but the nights were cold. Great fishing apparently. A lot of crayfish pots were out.

  2. That looks a lovely camping spot. Do you need to worry about crocs?