Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Canadian Rockies Road Trip Day 2

We left Kamloops heading for Revelstoke, some 215 kms away.
We stopped a couple of times to look at the view, and the views again were ever changing and beautiful.
We also started seeing more snow capped mountains.
There are many tourist attractions along the way.
This is the Enchanted Forest. We didn't go in, but it would be a great adventure for kids.
We passed a lot of rivers and lakes, and about 12 kms down the road from the Enchanted Forest, while passing Three Valley Lake we saw this view. The hotel looked so expensive.
We were only 20 kms from Revelstoke, and we had not booked any accommodation, so we decided to find out how expensive it was to stay here - Three Valley Lake Chateau.
The price was reasonable and the resort was wonderful.
We were told that there was no air conditioning ("leave the door open when the sun goes down to let the breeze in") and no fridge. Our room had two queen beds and a fridge, 
and a veranda with this view!
The resort has a beach, playground, gardens, walks, common areas, heated pool, games rooms and is next door to a 'Ghost Town.'
 The reception area is large and filled with interesting objects.
The inside communal area was one of the few places to get WiFi.
The only downside to staying here, and it wasn't really a problem, is there is no choice of eating venues. The Resort has a restaurant and a cafe that are open at different times. On our last trip to Canada, Darling Daughter had suggested we try 'poutine' - we didn't, but here it was on the menu so we gave it a go. 
Poutine is French fries covered in cheese curd and topped with gravy. It was very nice.
After dinner, Jonnie went to do his internet thing!
A very interesting place. Glad we stayed.

It is not down in any map; true places never are.
Hermman Melville


  1. How lovely! It looks so posh, but as the price was reasonable it was a real bonus. Being a caravanner too, staying at the occasional hotel always seems such a treat to me. I especially love the breakfast buffets

    1. We thought about renting a van to travel around Jenny, but decided it was better not to. Actually had more freedom with a car. US so different from Aus & NZ. It was a lovely place.