Friday, 17 July 2015

Salmon Capital of the World - Ketchikan

Ketchikan in the south east of Alaska is known as the ‘Salmon Capital of the World’. It is in the heart of 17 million acres of Tongass National Forest, the largest in the United States and its heritage is linked to the Tlingt, Haida and Tsimshian tribes of Alaska. It has the largest collection of totem poles.
 There is a free downtown bus on a 20 minute circuit
 from the cruise docks, 
but we waked down to the tourist bureau 
on the docks and picked up a free walking guide.
 Just outside the tourist bureau is the statue of "The Rock'

 Across the road is this welcome sign
 There are very many touristy gift shops and food outlets.
We went into a couple.

 ... And then we found the quilt shop at Salmon Landing Market place.
The Whale's Tail

 Like all good quilt stores, there were seats outside for the husbands to sit on.
We walked around the other shops at the Salmon Landing Market Place

 We then walked around the marina
and up towards Creek Street.
We were expecting cold weather, but the weather was beautiful.
Not cold at all.

We walked along the historic Creek Street, 
which is more like a boardwalk, reading all the historic plaques. 
This area was where the local brothels and bars were located. 
Now is it either museums, art galleries, or craft and clothes shops

Everywhere there are information boards, which along with the information 
on our walking tour brochure, gave us a good background to this historic area.
Dolly's house is now a museum that one can walk though at a cost.
We didn't go in :)
We found an Australian connection in Creek Street.

Walking along Creek Street towards the end, 
we came across a $2 cable car ride up the hill, so we did it!
It was a short ride, and at the top is a lodge with a small cafe.
 Outside the lodge is a small park with more totem poles
and a pathway back down the hill to Creek Street.
We took the cable car.
View of our ship from the cable car.
Back on Creek Street
Having a rest before walking around some more streets.

 We then headed back to the ship.
 Fabric I bought at the Whale's Tail.

Find out more about Ketchikan here.

Happy Travels
Allison and Peter

Don't Listen to What They Say
Go See
(Chinese Proverb)

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  1. Looks like a great cruise - how wonderful. And you were so very clever to stumble across a quilt shop in your travels!