Friday, 26 June 2015

Seattle's Waterfront

The waterfront was the starting point for many of the pioneers.  They came as loggers and gold diggers, and the accompanying services. Although some aspects remain the same,  some are very new.
 Another Seattle art work. 

We purchased a City Pass and our first attraction was the Argosy Cruise. This was a 60 minute cruise around the harbour.  It was well narrated and a comfortable cruise. Drinks and snacks were available for purchase.
The next attraction on the pass was the Aquarium.  We hadn't planned on going to the aquarium,  but had the time so we did. It was like any other aquarium, and we enjoyed our visit.

 Next to the Aquarium is a public park. It is a double wharf and has no shade,  and very little seating - but it is a public park.
Pike Place is where one can find the public market place and the salmon fish tossing. It was a busy market place with lots of fresh produce on street level. Downstairs is mostly gift shops. There are many eating places on both levels.

 One of the entertaining features of Pike Market Place is the fish throwing. It happens when the fish mongers feel like putting on a show.
One of the most disgusting places is located in Post Alley just below the main level of the market place. It is covered in thousands of pieces of gum. Really disgusting.

We love visiting new places.
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