Thursday, 24 April 2014


We drove from Cape Jervis up through Adelaide to Semaphore.
We drove through many little towns with old pubs - of course.
I did enjoy seeing the variety of different styles of buildings.
We stayed at Semaphore Discovery Park right on the beach.
The site was large and sunny. That was good considering the cold mornings.
The beach was long and fairly sheltered. There was a lot of seaweed around.

The sunsets were magnificent.
The next day we drove into the city just to get our bearings. The car is booked into get repaired on Tuesday, so today was a driving tour, and tomorrow we will go to the zoo.
This strange looking building is on the way to the cultural area on North Terrace. We found out it is a government building for health research. A lot of money spent on a building that could have been spent on research.  Just saying!

This building make us laugh.

Jonnie wanted some Red Rock noodles so we found a shop online in the suburb of North Adelaide. Found the address and even parked in their reserved Red Rock parking. No Shop! A chef from another restaurant was out the back and said that the shop hasn't been there for about 5 Years!

There was also a noodle shop at Glenelg.  Couldn't find it there either. We did find a fun park, so had a look around.
Old buildings,  beach,  sculptures,  entertainment - Glenelg had it all.

Zoo tomorrow.

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