Tuesday, 23 December 2014

First Trip in the New Van

We have been coming to Bellinger River Caravan Park four the last 4 years or so. We have site 14 which is right on the river and it is just so peaceful here.

 We always stop at Halfway Creek, usually for overnight, but as Peter had to work so we didn't leave his work until 11.35. We did get some of their lovely chips
Setting up the new Silverline. We have the best view.

 We finally got a cuddle of granddaughter number 3 - she is 5 and a half months old.

 Doing crafts with granddaughter number 2.

Trying to set up the Spinifix tent with a Jackaroo fly sheet. Not sure who has our lovely fly. It had lots of features that complemented the tent. Luckily it is summer so it won't matter to much that it is a bit exposed.

Happy Travels

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Wednesday 11 September 2013
After Augathella we headed north through Tambo to Blackall for overnight.
Tambo is famous for it's Teddies
Sadly the Teddy shop was closed, but Peter and Jonnie had a pie and sausage roll.

Once at Blackall, we had a look at the council camping area located on the Barcoo River, and headed to the Tourist information centre to pay our $8 (2A 1C) for the night. There was an interesting collection of old hats, and the history of sheep in the area. We still haven't seen a live sheep on this trip.

Restful afternoon, just watching the comings and goings.

The camping area was very large. Most campers camped by the river or the small toilet blocks.
There is no water or power, so you need to be self contained. Council cars patrolled a couple of times during the afternoon / evening to check camp tags and security. Maximum stay is 3 nights. We stayed 1.

There are a number of public art sculptures around Blackall. This one is called The Eagle and Nest.
It is made of railway dog spikes and timber and bolts from the old bridge.

These photos were part of Photo a Day - shadow

At the tourist centre I picked up a historical walking tour of the town and on the Thursday morning we walked up one side of the street and down the other. Peter was looking for a coffee shop for his morning fix - there were none. This is the memorial to Major Mitchell, who was the first European to explore this area in 1846.

We did see this funny sign - don't know that it really welcomes business!

Some more public art. This one is of Jackie Howe. He became famous in 1892 for shearing 321 sheep with blade shears in 7 hours and 40 mins not far from Blackall. This art work is outside the Universal Hotel that Jackie owned.

Love bug.

Afterwards we drove to behind the school to the Black Stump. It is situated behind the school in /thistle Street. Surveyors used this stump to record the latitude and longitude observations. Prior to this anything west of here was known as beyond the black stump.

We saw a lot of these signs.

Happy Travels

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Petalli Traveller Rule #01 - have a plan.

.... even if it needs to change, have a plan.
.... even if it is a short trip,  have a plan. 

- where to go
- what to see (and why)
- where to stay (free camp or pay)
- how long to stay

- what food to take
- what food to buy
- what clothes to pack
- what extras do you need - electric cords, chargers, books, stationary, travel information

Know where ...
.... the next place is
.... the tourist information centre is
.... the nearest petrol station is

Even if it changes,  HAVE A PLAN!!!


Friday, 25 April 2014

Semaphore, Port Adelaide

We arrived here at Adelaide Beachfront Discovery Caravan Park at Semaphore on Saturday.
On Sunday we had a drive around the city, North Adelaide, and southern beaches.
On Monday we did the Popeye Cruise, Adelaide Zoo, Cultural District and the Port of Adelaide.
Tuesday, the car was booked in to get fixed...... so we spent the day at the van park, well,  some of the day.
 The Semaphore and Fort Glanville Tourist Railway, 'Toot Toot', runs from outside the van park up along the beach two kilometres to Semaphore Jetty.
 The miniature authentic steam train return fare cost $7 per adult, $5 per child,  or $20 for a family.
 At each end of the track the engineer and guard had to manually turn the engine to make the return run.
 The foreshore is open space for picnics, walks, and even free overnight camping
 Jonnie enjoyed watching the engine being turned.
 We walked out to the end of the jetty.  There were many people fishing. The jetty was built in 1860 to provide berths for the quarantine and pilot vessels, as well as swimming baths. In 1873,the jetty was extended to 2138 feet. The baths were washed away in 1917, and the present length of the jetty is 1918 feet.

Semaphore also boasts to have the Roustabout Ferris Wheel that was used in the Elvis Presley movie 'Roustabout'. Here it is seen from the end of the jetty.
 Elvis sat in carriage number 2.
 Forty Horse Carousel is the largest working carousel in the Southern Hemisphere.
 It was built in 1928 and the wooden horses were carved in Melbourne.
 Completed in 1883, the Customs House was a boarding house that accommodated the Customs and Quarantine officers.
 It was saved from demolition in 1978.
 Semaphore Road is one of the widest in Adelaide.  We walked up one side and down the other and came across this 'air conditioned' car. In the background one can see the Timeball Tower.
 I have no idea what this piece of art is. It sits across the street from the jetty and has marine items on top of a metal sphere.
 The Timeball Tower was built in 1875 to provide ship captains to sync their chronometer to 1pm. It was decommissioned in 1932,  however was restored in 1992, and each day at 1pm a black ball is mechanically raised to the top of the tower and dropped.
 There are a lot of cafés and eating place's,  and look, we found Red Rock noodles.
 Jonnie was ever so happy.
 While we were there we experienced a total lunar eclipse,  or blood moon.
 While it wasn't as spectacular as some other parts of the world, it was still interesting to see.
 The sunsets were magic.
 There were many dolphins in the Gulf St Vincent. There was a pod of 4 or 5 dolphins playing here.

We will definitely be staying here again.

Happy Holidays

Adelaide - Cultural Area

All around Adelaide are statues and interesting art works, but along North Terrace you not only have heritage buildings,  but the Art Gallery, State Museum, and universities.
 This is not too far from the zoo.
 This gazebo is in Elder Park was built in 1882 and is made of iron.
One of the interesting sculptures.
These buildings are opposite the State Museum. I'm not sure what they are, but they look good.
This sign was in front of the museum. I remember growing up playing this game with my Mum and sister and brother while walking on the footpath.
Very interesting piece of art outside the SA Art Gallery. Not sure if I like it, but it is certainly interesting.
Jonnie thought it was a puzzle.
This water feature is made up of many cylinders. The birds liked playing in them as much as the children did.
Another water feature outside the State Library. It is made of local slate.
This on top of the Adelaide Festival Centre.  I'm not sure if it is art or if it is something functional.
Many stone art pieces can be found, and I'm sure that they have a meaning,  but couldn't find anything.

Happy travels