Free and Low Cost Camps

We use to prefer to stay in organised Van Parks, when we were both working. However, now we are not working, we have found most caravan parks charge way too much for what one gets, and sometimes the free camping is either in a better location, or is much preferred to some of the doggy van parks 😕. We are not dog people, and we find the dogs in van parks are really intrusive, whereas in most free camps the dogs are well controlled, and often not that close to other vans.

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There are many FaceBook groups for free camping or low cost camping and a simple search will find them. There are also books and apps that can help the traveller to find what they are looking for.

We like to use WikiCamps Australia, and I believe there is a WikiCamps New Zealand and WikiCamps Canada.
WikiCamps also has a road trip planner now which is great to document ones trip.

There are also links at the bottom of this page for ones we have yet to visit.

Here are some good free camps that we have found.
 This is at Halfway Creek - halfway between Grafton and Coffs Harbour - on the Pacific Hwy.
Free camping for one night.
Right behind a 24 hour service station and cafe. Check the signs to know where to camp.
Free toilets; Showers, washing machine for a fee.
Great Food.
Plenty of room and kangaroos come out at dusk.
It gets very busy on the weekends with back packers.
Near Nundle (near Tamworth) NSW
Sheba Dam on Barry's Road was built at the end of the gold rushes to provide water to the fossikers. 
 There is free camping here.
Chaffey Dam - near Tamworth NSW
Another cheap camping area was Chaffey Dam. There were a lot of vans there, (January just before the Country Music Festival) and it would be a great place to stay for a number of days in the right weather - fish, kayak, just chill out.
Peter said we'll need the generator for the cold - I said he would have to put a jumper on!!

* Fraser Coast Camping