Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Internet not working so well most of the time, but here is a catch up of what we've been doing.

We went for a drive to Urunga and found this great camp site. The sign across the road says 'no camping' - but that was across the road :)
 Happy Campers

 Peter going out fishing - see how the park is full now - a few are leaving tomorrow (2 Jan)

When Peter came back he said he only caught little ones, and signaled 4"-5".
When I asked again how big he moved his hands jst as I took this photo.

New Year's Eve the tide had come up above the bank. I can see how this place would flood very easy.

Jonnie went out for a paddle too.

The man next door caught this crab in his crab pot.
He had it for breakfast this morning.
Last night (NYE) someone went around to the crab pots and either broke them or released the catch.
Some of the pots were filled with empty beer cans - some people have no idea!!

Happy Travels