Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lazy Summer Days

Over Christmas the days became cooler and the nights cold - I even had to put a quilt on the bed.

 Afternoons spent watching the Bellinger River waiting for the sunset.

On Christmas Eve we waited for Santa. While we waited we watched the birds feeding.
Apparently this park use to be a logging camp. This wall is what is left of the ramp that brought the logs up from the river for cutting.

Santa arrived via the Repton Fire Brigade.

I love this old tree.

This is our Christmas tree - went with white decorations this year.
Can't find how to rotate the photo - sorry.

Christmas Day breakfast.

Christmas Day lunch - fruit, vegetables and cold meats (meats still coming).

Sitting with other campers when I remembered I hadn't opened the only present I had to open - OOPS!!!
I got some lovely T2T teas.

The view up the river.

Christmas Day dinner - with crusty bread and salad.

By the time we had finished eating we were too full to have any chocolates or Baby Jesus Birthday Cake. That will have to wait for tomorrow.

Happy Camping

Monday, 23 December 2013

A Christmas Tradition?

Here we are again in Repton NSW. We would like to make it a tradition each Christmas but we'll see. This is one of the most beautiful parks we have stayed in and we keep coming back. We found it by accident a few years ago when we were wanting to visit friends in nearby Bellingen. It is peaceful and quiet and the managers are friendly. It has a pool -great for our hot Christmas - and the camp kitchen is one of the best we've seen.
This is our site. 

Putting up our Christmas Decorations

We love the sunsets here.

Peter fishes

And I sew 😊

Merry Christmas

Happy travels