Sunday, 11 August 2013

Brisbane City Break - day 2

While on our Brisbane City Break we had planned to go to the Queensland Museum. Jon and I love the museum, and we go each time we stay in the city. This time we had Litle Miss Cooper with us, so it was a visit seen through a child's eye.  Hubby hadn't been since the girls were little - and that was some time ago.

First  stop was the Dinosaur Garden at the Grey Street entrance.
 Cooper loved it.
 Racing Pop to make energy.
Jon always enjoys it.
Dinosaurs Discoverers
Life-size replica of the Muttaburrasaurus. This Queensland dinosaur lived about 100 million years ago.
Stopping for snack at the cafe was good, and something that Jon and I had never done before. Peter always needs his caffeine fix :) The prices were reasonable and the selection of food, although not extensive, was great. A lot of healthy choices, and one of the best chocolate milkshakes. We'll add to our list for next time.
There were a lot of hands on things to do.

Museum staff showing Cooper how to pet the praying mantis. I kept my distance!

The exhibition that was on this time was collections. Peter took Cooper and Jon to the Indigenous area, so I could spent time in the collections area - I like to read everything.
At the entrance was a collection of number plates.
Loved this collections of teapots - I'm fighting the need to start my own, although my collections of tea cups is slowly increasing.
A collection of beer cans to equal Peter's.
Even a collection of washing machines - wow.
This is where I met up with Peter and Jon and Cooper. I showed all the snow globes while Peter and Jon went to look at the collections.
I have most of these dolls.
 The last few exhibitions here have had an interactive section. This time there was a lot of plastic 'coasters' with various pictures inside and attached to a magnet. The kids (and adults) had to make collections of things.
Off on the next adventure!

Happy Travels

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Brisbane City Break

I love Brisbane.
We try to spend at least 3 or 4 days a year in a city hotel and just wander where we like.
This year there was an antique quilt exhibition from the Victoria and Albert Museum at the Art Gallery, so of course I'm going to go.

We stayed at the Riverside Hotel. We had not stayed there before, and the TripAdvisor comments were mostly good, so we thought we give it a try. It is located at the top end of Southbank and is handy to all the places were wanted to visit as well as the city.
The rooms were on the small side, but it was clean and the bed was so comfortable.
We were not worried about the size of the room - we wanted the location - and how much time does one spend in a holiday room anyway?
 It had a good size TV with Foxtel - so I got to watch my ROOSTERS play on Monday night.
There was a mini fridge and it was serviced daily.
The view wasn't that good, but it was on the quiet side of the hotel so that was a bonus.
DH & DS stayed in the room while I went over to GOMA to the Quilt Exhibition.
 It was so good. I read everything and also did the tour. I came out after about 2 hours, had a cup of tea at the cafe and then went back in for one final look. In a few weeks there will be an additional 'free' quilt display from the Nudgee Quilt Guild - guess I'll have to go back.
After I had finished I phoned DH to come down and have a look around.
The Art Gallery is actually quite interesting.
One of the many fountains.

 It really was a great day.
 It drizzled on the day, but it wasn't enough to spoil anything. We didn't even use an umbrella.
This is the city skyline from the Art Gallery.

 I love all the old buildings in the city. This is the old Treasury Building, that is now a casino.
Walking down towards Southbank Parklands.
 The Wheel of Brisbane.
Waking over the bridge from the Museum and Art Gallery to the Performing Arts Centre.
Wish I had booked something to see - maybe next time.
It was a great first day!

Happy Holidays