Saturday, 14 April 2012

Wet and Windy Iluka

We have been here 6 days now, and really haven't had a sunny day. We've had short sunny periods, but mostly it's been light showers and wind.
So on Thursday we went for a drive to Brooms Head NSW. We 'had' to drive through Maclean - and visit some Op Shops before heading to the coast and Brooms Head.

For lunch we had fish and chips. Brooms Head consists of a caravan park that runs the length of the coast, a bowls club, and a general store.

There is a coastal walk that takes 4 days, from Yamba to Wooli.

We had lunch at the lookout, that was very blowy, but sunny - when we got there.

After lunch we drove around to the Red Cliffe camping area. It is right on the beach and there were so many wild kangaroos all over the fields.

Imagine camping here. No water or power, but the view and location and kangaroos!!!

Back at Iluka, still blowing.

Peter went fishing and was enjoying his quiet time until .....

.. some kids came along and decided to feed the fish a loaf of bread
 ... as did their parents - What were they thinking?????

 Then it started to rain again. Luckily Peter had an umbrella.

It rained and t stopped. It rained and it stopped.
This was my drinking view :-)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Iluka NSW

We left Repton and headed north to Iluka (via Spotlight at Coffs). We stopped at the Creek again for lunch and petrol refueling. We arrived at Iluka Riverside Van Park and set up - just before the bad weather hit. We had a wonderful lightning show.

 This is night time - look at how still the water is.

The next day it was still very very windy, so we decided to go to Yamba to stock up on food for the week and do the op shop tour. We got a lot of good bargains. We bought a brand new portable cot for $5 - yes we don't need one anymore, but for $5 we are going to adapt it to make a gate to keep Miss Cooper and Miss Ava in upstairs on the verandah.We got two beautiful patchwork quilted wall hangings for $1 each and a lovely patchwork pillow case for $2.50. We got two lovely patchwork quilted vests for $3 each.

We also got all these books for $4. Wish I had filled the bag :-)

Now it is Wednesday, and the wind is still howling. Peter made me breakfast in bed while I played Fairyland.

Peter and i went for a walk down to the village and bought little Miss Cooper a beautiful nightie to wear at our place. Also got some pies for he boys and a chocolate eclair for me. hopefully tomorrow will be better weather wise. 

Repton / Mylestrom

Markets were on at Mylestrom Bowls club on Saturday (1st Sat of the month) and I bought some square placemats for the van. There was 8 of them for $1 total - bargain. We also bought a kilo of locally grown carrots for $1.50. They were so sweet. 

The local Butchers at Repton had really good meat at very good prices. We need to get into the habit of buying more local

This is our van park. Our van is directly above the the dingy. It has a dark spare wheel cover and is beside a tent dome. You can see how close we are to the river. It is a great park and we will definitely come back.

The owl wall hanging - almost finished :-)

 During the floods earlier this year (2012) the floods waters rose to this level. 

Just look at the difference between last Sunday..... 
and today - Sunday

Some of the mug rugs ready to finish

Sunset on the Bellinger River

Me FaceBooking the sunset - LOL

Part of a quilt top I'm putting together for a friends mum.
I really like it and think I'll have to make one :-)

Until next time :-)

Anchors Wharf Urunga NSW

On Good Friday we met up with a friend we had met at Forster in January. We had a picnic lunch beside the Kalang River at Anchors Wharf just off the highway past the Information Centre. It was lovely to meet the rest of the family who live locally.

 The highway bridge across the Kalang River

Under the bridge.

We then went back to Repton and took some silly photos of Dora :-)

Had a great time.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nambucca Heads and Yalla Beach

Left the van park and 2 minutes along the old Pacific Hwy we came to a herd of cows. This area is a big dairy area.

At Nambucca Heads, after the tourist information centre, which wasn't very well organised, we went to the V Wall. I don't know why it was called that lol. It was very interesting. Peter said it was about a kilometre long. Afterwards my sister told me they had painted something there. I wish I had known as I would have looked for it.

One of the many beaches at Nambucca. I was surprised at the lack of facilities for visitors and beach goers. There were small toilet blocks, but little parking, picnic tables, seats, shade, cafes and water taps.

A letter box at Yalla Beach

A very beautiful area - like most of the NSW coast. But i really like where we are staying. Nambucca Heads is about 20-25 mins south.

Day 3

Headed up to Bellingen, about 15 minutes away, on the Waterfall Way. We have been on the Waterfall Way before, and this time we are just going to Bellingen.

First stop, The Yellow Shed. Bought a gift for a good friend. 
As soon as I saw it I knew she would like it.

Sign outside Yellow Shed - I liked the way the sign has been changed.

We then had lunch on the banks of the Bellinger River.

Art Deco bank

Old Butter Factory


Urunga Headland

Hungry Head kangaroo

My Spotlight purchases :-)

My Op Shop purchases.